Keep your hands and nails party perfect this winter.

Photo by Анастасия Триббиани from Pexels

With the festive season upon us, there are some daily things you can be doing to keep your hands and nails party perfect this winter.

As the temperatures are dropping quickly, our first snow has flurried and undoubtedly those car windscreens have needed scraping, it is little wonder our hands are feeling a touch dryer at the moment.

Here are some simple things you can do to help your hands.

Wear Gloves.
Whether it is woolly gloves to scrape the car or rubber gloves to do the dishes, protect those hands! Gloves help prevent loss of hydration from the skin and environmental factors causing further dryness and damage.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise.
You may even carry one of those little tubes of hand cream in your bag, but it won’t work unless it is on your skin. Moisturise after washing to help replenish the hydration that harsh soaps and hand sanitisers strip out. Using a hand serum like Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Hand Serum will help super hydrate your hands.

Love your Cuticles.
Grab a small bowl, add in some nice warm water and about a tablespoon of oil. Olive oil is a great choice, if you have something like almond oil or rosehip use that instead. Then dip your fingers for 5 minutes. This is a super easy way to watch your favourite bit of telly whilst nourishing your cuticles and nail beds. The warm water helps the oil absorb better, and with regular use you’ll see a massive improvement in your nail health.

Clip and File.
Don’t bite your nails and don’t rip them either. Try and keep a little pouch with a nail file and clippers to hand. this will help prevent the free edge of your nail flaking and becoming damaged. Try not to file back and forth but file from opposite corners to the centre, slowly. This stops the nail from ragging at the edge and breaking more easily. If they do break, try to cut the nail then file, this will help keep your nails healthy and strong. Nail Kits are available direct from Olive Grove, so make sure to ask when next in.

Protect and Polish.
Nail strengthener is a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially during the winter when nails can become a little more brittle. I recommend one by either OPI or Sally Hansen, one is included in our Nail Kits. Use the strengthener once a week and make sure to properly remove with polish remover. If you are going to use a colour polish, use a base coat first. This helps protect the nails from staining and helps your colour last longer. Make sure to rest your nails for a couple of days after you remove the polish, using a hot oil cuticle treatment to help support healthy growth. Don’t pick the polish off! This will cause damage to your natural nail, so make sure you have a good quality polish remover and a nourishing hand cream to use too.

Book a Manicure.
Regular manicures will help your nails and hands. Your nail tech will be able to advise you on which products would work best and help with proper cuticle removal. A hand mask, paraffin treatment and a hand scrub will also help to nourish your hands. I recommend once a week if you can, fortnightly or monthly is also adequate to help keep your hands nourished and your nails healthy.

These are just a few of the things you can do to help keep your hands and nails party perfect this party season.

Did I miss anything? Drop them in the comments below and in the meantime give us a call or book your manicure online today.